What safety precautions have Filmhouse put in place to reopen?

As always, the health and wellbeing of our employees and customers is our number one priority. Our intention is to operate with a social distancing plan appropriate to our venue.

Booking ahead

We request that you book in advance, in order to enable socially distanced seating. To facilitate this we are open for telephone bookings & personal callers daily from 1.30pm-9pm.The booking software will put spaces between bookings to make sure that you (and your group) are at least 1 metre from the next customer. Both screens will be operating at limited capacity varying depending on the size of the bookings. Online booking may vary from time to time depending on social distancing suggestions. In accordance with our Terms & Conditions, we reserve the right to change seat allocations in order to enable socially distanced seating.

Arriving and departing

As we reopen we will limit our screenings to up to three shows per day in each screen (weekdays), with possibly more at the weekends.

You may be asked to leave the auditoriums via an alternative exit.

To aid with the flow of customers in and out of the building, at the end of the film we may ask that Screen 1 patrons exit via the bottom/ground floor exit. In any case, alternative exits will be clearly marked by internal notices & there will always be a member of staff to answer questions.(Patrons going to the restaurant will not have to do this but are asked to follow the clearly marked paths throughout the building.)

In the cinema, please try to pay by Contactless where possible

We request that you don’t pay in cash where possible. We accept Contactless payments up to £45 when paying by credit or debit card.

Additional Cleaning Measures

More extensive cleaning will occur before each film screening.

Auditorium Air-Handing

Our auditoriums use air handling rather than air-conditioning. This ensures a constant flow of new air into these public spaces. This air system is used through the building including in the restaurant.

Hand Sanitiser

There are multiple liquid sanitiser points around the building. Please use before and after touching communal surfaces.

Contact Point cleaning

Our staff will be cleaning all hand contact points within the cinema at regular intervals. This includes door handles, push plates, taps and so on. In addition there will be extra cleaning where customers have been sitting. If there are any concerns or feedback please let us know. This is to keep you as well as ourselves safe.

Enhanced cleaning regime

Whilst we already have very high standards of cleanliness, we will be doubling down on our training, equipment and cleaning routines even further, and will update ourselves based on the feedback from customers, and how the new operations work.

Wearing facial protection

It is now mandatory for UK cinema customers to wear a face covering on entering a cinema (unless you are in a category which is exempt). This means we expect you to wear one when moving around the building. You are required to wear a face covering even if you are just going into the restaurant. It must be on before entering the building. You may take it off once you are at your table. Please put your mask back on before moving around the building. This includes when you are leaving as well as when you are visiting the bathroom. Please wear a facial covering during film screenings at all times except when eating an ice cream or drinking. Our staff will also wear face coverings during their shifts.

Additional staffing measures

We will ask all staff to remain away from the venue if any member of their household has shown any signs of illness in the previous seven days.

NHS Test and Trace

We have a sign in and out sheet available at the box office as well as a QR code you can scan with the NHS Covid-19 app. You can pick your preferred choice but at least one must be done. If you sign the specific track and trace sheet your details will be held for 21 days in compliance with regulations. If you have a booking with us then you do not need to do this but are still welcome to. For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy.