Branded BBFC Rating: (12A)

  • Directed by Pauline Amos
  • 72mins | Ukraine | BBFC Rating: (12A)


A born criminal - we didn't believe it could happen here did we?

A British Ukranian Production

A special presentation of Branded, an arthouse film, in support of Ukranian charities with an introduction by Pauline Amos.

'Branded' ЗАТАВРОВАНА is an artist's defiance, in the face of atrocity, to uphold Art and Freedom. Horrifying in its depiction of the persecution of artists in repressive regimes, the struggle of being confined as a prisoner of war is contrasted with the beauty of art and with a joyousness at its heart. Pauline Amos performs, with the voice of Kateryna Polishchuk, a Ukranian soldier who was captured and held by the Russian army in Mariupol.

Artistic expression is not a luxury, it is a necessity. To repel the invader, the bond between artists and writers and freedom fighters must always be strong, with esprit de corps.

The film has a powerful message that resonates with Ukraine and around the world: We fight for freedom and art is our voice.

Ukranian with subtitles & please note that this film contains a 30 second scene containing flashing lights.

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